Using Green Tea for Weight Loss

As more focus is being placed on the effects of being overweight in the world of today, some advocates are pressing for the use of green tea for weight loss. Being a natural product, many believe that it is therefore better than most of the chemicals that are being pushed into the mainstream to help with weight loss.


While using green tea for weight loss by replacing the caffeine in coffee and salicin in aspirin as a fat burner does offer other health benefits, there are other factors that need to be looked at as well. For instance, green tea works as an anti-oxidant with some researchers claiming that it is even more powerful that Vitamin E. Vitamin C and beta-carotene are long-popular anti-oxidants, but green tea for weight loss is showing signs of being even more beneficial.

Additionally, since blood sugar increases after eating is slowed by it, green tea for weight loss is seen as beneficial as a blood sugar regulator. What happens here is that amylase, an enzyme that the body uses to break down starches, is slowed by green tea; the break down of starches, or carbohydrates, causes the blood sugar elevation.

Some researchers studying blood sugar level regulation, especially in regards to those people who are suffering from diabetes, think that green tea may in fact be essential as part of a glucose management program. This is in no way an indication that using green tea for weight loss will control blood glucose levels on its own. Chromium and vanadyl may also be needed, but only a person’s physician should make any determination of its use.

Studies Show Green Tea’s Benefits

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study showing the ingestion of catechins, which are a key component of green tea extracts, can lead to a reduction of body fat as well as cholesterol, making it an ideal part of using green tea for weight loss.

Similar studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also show an increase in metabolism by those using green tea, and it has been well documented that weight loss is accomplished by burning more calories than those taken in and with green tea for weight loss having many other documented benefits can help lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Other researchers, however, are concerned with the fluoride content in green tea and its possible effects on the thyroid, and there is also the matter of the caffeine that is in green tea; so while green tea for weight loss can be a bonus along with the other benefits, it is advisable to check with a physician about the possible effects on the thyroid before consuming too much green tea for weight loss.