Top 100 Things I Hate

1. “Global warming”
2. 3 A’s – Abuse, Addiction, and Adultery
3. Airplane low and wide cups with huge ice cubes
4. Ankle strap shoes
5. Answering “no that’s not possible” when it really is
6. Arriving at your destination realizing you forgot something
7. Automatic flushing toilets
8. Basketball
9. Being early to the airport
10. Being hit on in foreign countries
things i hate
11. Being told “shh calm down”
12. Berries, any and all
13. Blisters the develop from a cute new pair of shoes
14. Burnt popcorn
15. Buying batteries
16. Buying gas
17. Car maintenance
18. Case-based classes
19. Catholic incense
20. Cheap and/or ill-fitting clothes
21. Coconuts and coconut scented lotion used by people next to me at church
22. Crest with scope
23. Dasani water
24. Day care
25. Deciding what’s for dinner
26. Devotional campus shut down
27. Dirty kitchen floors
28. Disorganization and clutter
29. Divorce, and its impact on children and extended families
30. Dramatic/overly emotional girls
31. Driving my car before the heater turns on
32. Everything/everyone “going green” as though they really care
33. Facebook pokes
34. Falling short of expectations
35. Feeling like I haven’t magnified my calling enough
36. Feminists
37. Forgetting to scan my coupons at the checkout counter
38. Getting lost
39. Girls with tank tops/tube tops/exposed shoulders – I promise it doesn’t look hot
40. Girls with underwear lines
41. Girls without real majors
42. Guilt from skipping the gym for one day
43. Guys with white sunglasses
44. Handling raw chicken
45. Hang nails and paper cuts
46. Heartache
47. Job interviews
48. Keys-still-in-the-ignition warning bell
49. Leaving Costco without a churro
50. Lifted trucks

51. Loneliness
52. Losing jewelry
53. Making big life decisions alone
54. Making lists of things I hate
55. Manicures
56. Mexico
57. Middle back seat of small cars
58. Mile 19 of every marathon I’ve run
59. Milk
60. Missing flights
61. Missing movie previews
62. Morning breath
63. My mysterious and recurring stomach pain
64. Non-crispy bacon
65. Not being able to find a parking spot at school or church
66. Over ripe bananas
67. Paying for haircuts you end up hating
68. People always asking “why are you dressed up today?”
69. People touching my face
70. People who don’t watch TV and want you to know
71. People who never give others the benefit of the doubt
72. Polygamy in the eternities
73. Pretending it’s normal and ok for politicians to cheat on their wives
74. Pushy Victoria’s Secret salesladies
75. Raiders fans
76. Red lights in the middle of the night
77. Red roses
78. Ritalin for small boys
79. Roommates who only buy cheap paper towels and toilet paper
80. Rosie O’Donnell & Whoopi Goldberg
81. Running out of lotion
82. Silverware loaded tip-down in the dishwasher
83. Slutty girls
84. Soda (any and all)
85. Speed bumps
86. Squishy grapes
87. Stiff necks
88. Summer sales guys
89. Sweating
90. The left leaning bias of the media
91. The word “panties”
92. Ticking clocks when I’m trying to sleep
93. Touching rails and poles in subways/metros
94. Unabashed moochers
95. Unloading the dishwasher
96. Unrequited love
97. Waiters who say “wow you guys ate fast”
98. Waking up and finding my blankets on the floor
99. Waking up before 7 am
100. Washing dry clean only items, accidentally