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Reiki massage

Reiki Meditation And The Benefits

Reiki is a healing practice that has been practiced for more than 100 years. By definition, the Reiki energy that’s typically referred as an essence, symbolizes energy, a transcendental spirit and universal. What makes this totally different from different types of healing is that those who possess this power use their hands in curing somebody…

cardio workout

Start a Cardio Workout Program With Videos and Plans

Meet Your Daily Fitness Goals With These Cardio Workout Tips Being physically fit can have many positive effects on your life. It will make you more able to do things around the house, give you more energy, help with depression, and make you more attractive. If you would like to improve your fitness, read on…

natural weight loss

The Key to Natural Weight Loss

While some believe that all-natural weight loss supplements are the key to natural weight loss, most doctors would not at all agree. Though technically, the herbs and agents that are typically found in natural diet supplements are, indeed, natural, natural is however not necessarily synonymous with harmless. Remember when your mom told you not to…

professional fitness trainer

Professional Fitness Trainer

How much do top-of-the-line personal trainers make? Well, when I compare what I make as a personal trainer to the millions so many people on the Internet claim to be earning in the fitness industry, it feels like chump change. For example, I got a hard-sell automated e-mail message from a fitness marketer a while…

things i hate

Top 100 Things I Hate

1. “Global warming” 2. 3 A’s – Abuse, Addiction, and Adultery 3. Airplane low and wide cups with huge ice cubes 4. Ankle strap shoes 5. Answering “no that’s not possible” when it really is 6. Arriving at your destination realizing you forgot something 7. Automatic flushing toilets 8. Basketball 9. Being early to the…

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